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Most of the women will take proper care for the clothes while washing. Some clothes you can’t wash in your home by yourself. Some of the high quality materials need to be washed using dry cleaning methodology only. If you wash those clothes in regular method you will end up spoiling the cloth quality and it won’t last long enough. Especially those clothes which are bought for higher cost should be given proper care otherwise it will be lose for you.

You need to find weekly laundry services roy to get the job done without any hassle. Dry cleaning is the process in which the cloth is washed using solvent other than water. It is used to wash the fabric which cannot with stand the rough process of washing machine and clothes dryer. It also removes the process of hand washing. Though the process has a word dry in it, it is not drying actually. Chemical other than water is used in the process of washing the clothes in much professional manner. When you drop the clothes for weekly laundry services it goes through 5 step cycle. First step is to tagging and inspecting clothes to mark it and check if any wear and tear is there so that it can be informed at the point of taking itself. Second step is called pre treatment in which it goes through to identify any stain marks in the cloth to identify for removal, after that it goes to dry wash. Once it is done, again the cloth is inspected for any lingering stains and removed. Once these four steps are over it will be folded and packed for delivery.

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There are some weekly laundry services roy which offer free pickup of the clothes from your place and deliver it back again once the wash is completed. You can find out any quality dry washing companies in your area by searching in the internet. They will be also able to provide feedback about the different people available and their service. Identify the trust worthy weekly laundry services roy and then get the feedback from the people in your area and then handover. This particular service provider provides the option of booking free pickup through their website itself. You can check their pricing and book the pickup and delivery by sitting in home. You also can check the feedback of the customers in the available website about their service.