Lion dance is the traditional Chinese dance performed mainly during the Chinese New year and other important functions. People believe this will scare away the evil spirits and bring good luck to audience and those who arrange the lion dance. This is the tradition followed for long time. As per the tradition, only men are allowed to take part in the lion dance. But with the change of times, even ladies are performing the lion dance in some of the lion dance troupe.

How to book the troupe

Booking a lion dance group is very easy. Either you can call their number or you can visit the website to book the troupe. Normally, during the off season, they can book just 2 weeks before the actual date of the performance but during the peak of the season that is during the Chinese New Year, you need to book 45 days in advance. This is due to the high demand during the New Year period.

Lion dance troupe normally consists two people, one who is in head side and other one who is in the back. They move rhythmically for the music played in the back ground.  Their uniform mostly matches with the color of the body of the lion. Some time it extends up to their shoes also. Apart from the peak of the season, clients can ask for the specific color of the lion also. But during the peak of the season it is tough to cater the color demand and it is impossible.

There are two schools of lion dance. One follows the old martial arts schools of china and very rigid in stance and other one is more modern and will consists of more relaxed stance. Some of the troupes which follow the modern school have introduced lot of new innovations into the lion dance. One of the innovations is the LED lion dance in which lions body would be decorated with t he Led lights. It will weigh higher than the normal Lion dress which is very light compared to the LED lion uniform. Lion dance can be booked for any function in your place like wedding ceremony, house warming functions, functions in office etc. It will be sure to bring good luck to you and your guests. Call the troupe and book the lion dance in your place.